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How it Works for Trades

How it works Summary

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Why Use First Finishes?

  1. First Finishes is completely Free for Tradespeople to Use and there are no hidden costs.
  2. First Finishes is based on Tradespeople building a High Quality profile that can be improved over time, to advertise their services this way our system allows the best Tradespeople to flourish because the better your quality of workmanship the better your profile will become and more work you will attract!
  3. Of course it’s not always the amount of work you attract but the better quality work. So by improving your profile you will give yourself more options including your applications being accepted for the best jobs!
  4. You are only notified about jobs at the exact time the customer is looking for your Trade, so we don’t waste your time.

Applying for Work & Notifications
Once registered you can create your profile and begin applying for Construction jobs or Domestic / Private work that appear on your dashboard.
You can choose to receive job notifications by email, text or if you prefer you can turn your notifications off and just login whenever you like to see what jobs are availible on your dashboard.
Free Advertising with your Profile
When you apply for a job the customer can see your profile and the quality of your profile will determine your chance of being selected by the customer and so it is important your profile is upto date.
Your profile is easy to update and you can add images of work you have completed, qualifications, a profile image and much more.
We will also regularly update your profile with cusomer reviews to ensure you continuously bennifit from doing a great job!

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