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How it works for a Contractor

First Finishes are able to deal with a range of different contractor needs from one-off job listings to lengthy on-going jobs, with the job listings we offer to contractors falling into two main methods:

Commercial Job Quotation


If you have an exact project size in mind, you’ll be able to enlist all of the First Finishes plasterers in your area to submit their quotations for your listing. Not only is this totally free of charge to you, but you’ll know that all of the qualified plasterers who are applying to carry out the work are registered with us and are in your local area.

  • We search for plasterers for free
  • Unlimited quotations for your projects free of charge
  • Plasterers found to work within your M2 budgets
  • Search is continuous until the end of your project

In short, the process works as follows:

1. Sign up for free with First Finishes by entering a few simple details.

2. Any time that you have a commercial job to list, just enter your postcode, and answer a few basic questions about the nature of your job and the work you need doing.

3. First Finishes will then locate all of the available plasterers who are based in your location and send them a text message update with the details of your job, asking them if they wish to quote for it.

4. You will then receive all of the budget quotations we receive for your job, with their price delivered on a per m2 basis. You’ll be able to look through the quotations as well as the basic details of each plasterer.

5. Once you’ve chosen the plasterer you want to work with, we’ll exchange your contact details with them, meaning they can arrange to arrive on site at the agreed date. You’ll have gained the benefit of an entirely free and very effective recruitment tool.

Plasterer Hourly Rate (Pay as You Go)

Coming soon, February 2017

This is our most flexible job-listing method, ideal for contractors who don't have an overall project to quote for, but want to enlist one or several plasterers on a pay-as-you-go format.

  • Plasterers sourced for free
  • Cost Control at your finger tips
  • Flexibility
  • Quality guarantee

Pay As You Go works as follows:

Each plasterer, on signing up with First Finishes, will have had to select their accepted hourly rate. The hourly rate they can choose will be in-line with industry standards, reflecting current market rates and their geographic location. This is all clearly listed and easy to identify.

At the point at which any contractor signed up with First Finishes is in need of plasterer/s to take on work at an hourly rate, the process is as follows:

1. Simply enter the postcode of your work site, and we'll carry out a search of our network to find qualified plasterers registered with First Finishes in your locality.

2. You'll then receive a notification on your First Finishes account listing all of the plasterers who are interested in working on your job listing, alongside the dates they are available.

3. Select as many or as few plasterers as you need for the work, and we'll exchange contact details between yourself and the plasterer/s so that you can arrange for their arrival to your site on the agreed days.

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4. Payment will be delivered following a weekly Invoice.

5. You authorise the hours agreed as worked between you and the plasterer via the Customer Portal on your First Finishes account. Should you not be in need of the plasterer's services any longer, you can simply select to stop the services, giving you control and flexibility over the work you're paying out for.

6. We operate the highest standards in terms of customer satisfaction, so if you're not satisfied with the quality of workmanship, you'll have any substandard work rectified for free, or receive reimbursement.

It's also worth noting that all of the plasterers on the First Finishes network hold public liability insurance, as well as being signed up to our detailed in-house Health & Safety policies designed to work in harmony with your site's specific Health & Safety rules and regulations.

Everything about the First Finishes process is designed to allow contractors to find the right plasterers to carry out whatever commercial project they need completing. We can deal with different types, sizes and durations of projects, giving you access to a network of quality professional plasterers in your location free of charge.

All job listings can be advertised without obligation and without cost to the client, as well as having the aforementioned customer satisfaction guarantees, so you'll receive every provision to ensure that you receive the best possible service.