In theory a plasterer should be able to earn more on the building sites because there is usually larger areas to plaster.  But unfortunately it is not always as simple as that.

Although the areas are usually larger, the current market place dictates projects are often in delay meaning works are not available as planned and plasterers may have to move from job to job.  This is becoming more of an issue in the current market but is not always the case and if you are a plasterer who works for Sub Contractors it is important that you work for the right ones who pay you fairly and have the best jobs, and to do this you need to keep your options open.

I have considered this when developing First Finishes because First Finishes allows you to quote on up to 10 jobs at anyone time so you can put the quotes out there and if you are then looking for work at any time you just have look on your First Finishes Dashboard to see if your have been selected for any jobs.  Its quite simple and works well from your phone too.

Also since you are not charged for providing any quotes it costs you nothing to put the quotes out and just have then there incase you need options at anytime.

And when you do pay for the job at least you know you have already been selected by the customer so your not paying for a dead lead which has been one of the main features for First Finishes that sets it apart from many others.